222 Online Domestic Electric Oven Repair & Testing (Video Conferencing option)

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Online Oven Repair Training Course


This CPD and TheIWGE Accredited 222 Online Domestic Electric Oven Repair online training course via Zoom, is designed for those who want to expand their knowledge and competency in the Testing & Repair of Domestic Electric Cookers & Ovens.

This course looks at most components in electric ovens, the faults associated with them, how to test, remove and refit. We also run a course designed for using multimeters and insulation test meters which may help you if you are laking in this skill set. Please contact us for details. Oven Cleaning and Installation company’s find this course very useful.

  • The online course is via Video Conferencing (Zoom) which allows for 2 way and class interaction and is run alongside our face to face class.
  • You will need a cooker or oven to work on, a selection of hand tools, a Multi Meter and Insulation Resistance Meter, and of course, somewhere to work with a good WiFi connection and a device with Zoom Client downloaded from www.zoom.us. Please see our blog post listing tools we recommend here.

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