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Whirlpool AKM 274/IX Gas Hobs

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Whirlpool branded stainless steel, built-in gas hobs with the model number AKM 274/IX. The affected appliances were manufactured between September 2014 and March 2016.

The model number can be determined either from the instruction manual or, if access is possible, it will be visible on the rating plate underneath the hob.

If access is not possible then consumers should firstly check if it is constructed from stainless steel material and 60cm wide with four gas burners.

It will also have controls on the right hand side, cast iron pan supports, and a black ignition button in the bottom right corner. Also the Whirlpool logo will be embossed (slightly raised) in the bottom right corner by the control knobs.

Whirlpool state that:

“Due to a technical issue in manufacturing, these appliances were produced with the wrong type of gas injector in the front left corner. The front left burner may emit levels of carbon monoxide above EU standards which could, in very rare usage conditions, present a low risk of adverse health effects through inhalation. There have been no reported incidents involving these products. Investigations have confirmed that the issue does not present a risk of fire or explosion.”

What to do:
The issue concerns the operation of the gas burner in the front left corner of the appliance (Circled in red in the above image).

If you have an affected appliance Whirlpool advises not to use the burner in the front left corner until it has been modified by a Whirlpool engineer.

Whirlpool State that all other burners are unaffected and may continue to be used as normal in the meantime. However, Electrical Safety First always recommends that any recalled product should not be used until it has been checked by the manufacturer.

All consumers who own this appliance should visit:

or contact Whirlpool’s customer care team on:

0800 316 3885

to check if the model number (and serial number) of their appliance is involved in this product safety campaign.

Consumers can select a convenient time for an engineer to visit their home free-of-charge.
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Steve Bunyan

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