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We are the first and only Domestic Appliance Repair Training Organisation to offer Accredited Training by both CPD and The IWGE

Whitegoods Training

The Institute for White Goods Engineers

Supporting and Developing White Goods Engineers, Independent Repair Companies and Manufacturers.


Our Aim…

At the Institute for White Goods Engineers our goal is to enable qualified appliance engineers standout from the untrained, to set standards that ensure safety through training for those entering the field of appliance repair and promote growth and prosperity for our members.

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Joshua Paveley
Joshua Paveley
A great course taught by those that know! Both Steve and Callum did a great job. Good training facilities and everything taught to help you on your way in the Whitegoods industry! Many thanks and good luck with your expanding business endeavour's!
Samuel Eley
Samuel Eley
A very good course taught by people with real life experience, the combination of the theory and practical teachings really give you the information and experience to go out into the field with the necessary skills and knowledge to do your job to the highest standard
Andy Tonks
Andy Tonks
Every day was a learning day, the team at IWGE led by Steve were brilliant. Their training facility is the perfect place to learn. The course was really well structured and included a lot of hands on time with a full range of White goods. All in all I would fully recommend this course, it's really given me a opportunity to begin my career in domestic appliance repair.
Ivo De Freitas
Ivo De Freitas
Did the 224 Appliance Repair &service course and enjoyed every moment of it. I started know nothing to end doing all the repairs. Thank you for the great time there.
Ivo de Freitas
Ivo de Freitas
Just finnished my course and went in with no experience and learned alot. Really enjoyed the course. Thank you Steve
Neil Moore
Neil Moore
I completed the 224 Consumer Electrical Repair course last month and I really enjoyed the experience. the course is very detailed and you work on a variety of appliances. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and ensures you understand the current topic before moving on to the next. He is approachable and nothing is to much trouble. i would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to follow this line of work.
Tony Richards
Tony Richards
Great experience with Steve and Callum, They explained everthing in a great fashion under a none pressure envorminet with all questions answered clearly and help when needed would recommend this course for anyone looking to get involved in servicing white goods.
Steve H
Steve H
What can I say apart from what an excellent well structured course. Someone who has no prior knowledge will come out with everything you should know to become a fully qualified engineer. A big thanks to Steve, Andy and Callum who answered, and taught me everything there is to know. No questions will be unanswered. Also had a great bunch of colleagues on the course who I wish them all the best of luck for the future. If you want to become a white goods engineer I highly recommend this course, well worth investing in.
Martyn Masters
Martyn Masters
January this year did the course “224 consumer electrical appliance repair &servicing with the White Goods Training Academy” Working in a great team of friendly and helpful people, also remote training via zoom which was interesting but seemed to work well. Steve was very knowledgeable and was Always happy to answer any questions we had, as never done anything regards to machine repair apart from taken things apart and then attempting to put them back together (everyone does lol) I have learnt a lot from this training and hope for the future of my repairs take off in the future.
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Become an Appliance Repair Specialist

If you want to become an appliance repair technician, our training program will give you all the skills you need to succeed. Our course offers hands-on training, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills to help you become an expert.

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Hire an Appliance Repair Engineer

Are you an appliance installation or service company looking to hire a highly skilled technician? We can become your training partner, providing the essential skills to get them field service and customer facing ready. As you are aware, there is no longer a pool of credible candidates to choose from for appliance repair or installation roles.

Once you have sourced a suitable candidate with the right attitude and practical skills, enroll them on our 224 Consumer Electrical Appliance Repair Training course and we will do the rest. We recommend that once they have completed their training that they do a week or two of shadowing other engineers to learn the company systems and policies as well as build their confidence.

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What is a White Goods Engineer?

A white goods engineer is another name for an appliance repair technician. They specialise in repairing and maintaining white goods, such as refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves and more. Our program is designed to help you or your employee become a skilled white goods engineer and build a successful career in the appliance repair industry.

Why Become an Appliance Engineer?

There are many reasons to become an appliance engineer. This position is in high demand and allows you to work anywhere. It also offers many unique career opportunities. Keep reading to learn more.

High Demand

Most homes have several appliances that require regular maintenance and repair. As homes become more technologically advanced, the demand for appliance engineers will only grow. As an appliance engineer, you can look forward to excellent job security and financial rewards.

Competitive Pay

According to Clarence William Recruitment, the average annual salary of an appliance engineer is about £45,000 per year. Top earners can make more than £70,000 per year. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to build long-term financial stability.

Recession Proof

The appliance repair industry is an excellent choice for individuals who want a steady income in any economy. Even during economic downturns, people still need to repair their appliances. This makes it a secure career choice.

Help Your Community

As an appliance engineer, you have the opportunity to serve your community by providing essential repair services. You can help families get their appliances up and running again, preventing unnecessary financial strain.

About The Institute for White Goods Engineers

The Institute for White Goods Engineers is a leading provider of appliance repair training programs. Our mission is to provide aspiring engineers with the knowledge and skills they need to build successful careers. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to start your own business, we will give you all the support you need to succeed.

What Our Students Are Saying

Your New Future Starts Here

Are you ready to take the first step toward a new career in appliance repair? Contact us today to learn more about our appliance repair training program and find out how we can help you achieve your career goals.

Let’s Begin

Why Consider Appliance Repair as A Career?

The salary range for domestic appliance repairers in the UK is from £22000 to £42000. The more skills you have under your belt, the higher your potential for earnings. Are you looking to advance your career in appliance engineering?

Appliance repair training is the easiest way to boost your skills and it comes in many shapes and forms. Repairing washing machines and other domestic appliances is a great way to boost your salary and career prospects.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about washing machine repair training. Discover how to excel as an appliance engineer. Gain valuable knowledge on how to install, diagnose faults and replace parts.

Learning to repair a washing machine can transform your appliance engineer career. Read on to learn more about this career step into becoming an Appliance Repair Engineer and learning how to repair all domestic appliances including washing machines.

Why Attend Appliance Repair Training?

This career is highly sought after, has high demand for newly trained appliance repair engineers and offers good pay.

Getting certified is a quick process, with programs starting from 3 days up to 8 days. Once you complete the program, you can start working on appliances in homes and businesses right away. (subject to employment terms or meeting self employed requirements)

Appliance repair training schools have distinct characteristics compared to college or trade schools. Programs take a short amount of time to complete and usually don’t need apprenticeships. This certificate qualifies you to start work immediately. (subject to employment terms or meeting self employed requirements)

What You Learn During Washing Machine Repair Training

During washing machine repair training, you will learn a variety of skills. This includes tasks needed to effectively diagnose and repair common issues with the appliance. You’ll learn to repair washing machines using a mix of theoretical and hands-on experience.

You will gain a better understanding of how the system works. You’ll learn about the various components, as well as how it is put together. You’ll also understand how to troubleshoot problems that arise.

You will also learn about the latest technology, such as digital controllers and sensors. You’ll also gain insight into the methods for caring for and maintaining the appliance. Courses cover how to perform routine maintenance checks on washing machines. This is essential in keeping them running efficiently.

You’ll cover the relevant safety protocols when repairing washing machines. This includes how to work with electricity safely, safe isolation procedures and testing of electrical outlets, and water-related appliances. This includes understanding water safety regulations, and properly disposing of hazardous materials.

The Importance of Hands-on Training

Practical training is essential for appliance repair. Merely understanding the theory of the appliances you will handle is not sufficient to succeed in this profession.

To start a career as an appliance repair engineer in the competitive industry, it is important to have hands-on training. This will make the time spent in training more practical and easier to apply.

The Intricacies of Training for Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine repair requires a level of knowledge and skill but is no more complex than other appliances. You’ll need to understand the inner workings of the machine. You’ll also need knowledge of how to complete each repair.

Technicians must be familiar with the different components that make up a washing machine. They should also be familiar with how these components interact with each other.

An understanding of electrical components like sensors and control boards is vital. You also need to understand the process of diagnosing and repairing malfunctions.

Hands on experience will teach you how to install and replace components. You’ll need to understand the installation procedures. This is important for ensuring that the appliance functions.

What Attributes Should I Have?

To become a successful washing machine or domestic appliance engineer you’ll need certain attributes. You must have strong technical skills as well as problem-solving capabilities.

An aptitude for mathematics and engineering principles will help. An ability to read diagrams, manuals, engineering drawings, and technical documents will also help.

Good customer service skills are also essential. You must be able to communicate with customers, explain the issues and offer solutions in a professional manner.

Where to Get Washing Machine Repair Training?

The White Goods Training Academy offers courses from 1 day up to 8 days depending on what training you require.

All courses will include hands-on training. You’ll also have lectures from experienced appliance repair professionals. This will help you gain a better understanding of the job and its complexities.

It is also important to only accept training that comes with recognised official certification. Here at The White Goods Training Academy, all our certification is CPD (Continued Personal Development) or IWGE (The Institute for White Goods Engineers) certified. A certificate in 224 Appliance Repair or 221 Washing Machine Repair will show potential employers your competence.

Benefits of an Appliance Repair Career

Learning to install and repair washing machines and other domestic appliances offers several benefits. You can work on a wider variety of projects and build expertise in the process. You will also gain professional recognition and build on your skill set.

Looking to Enhance Your Appliance Repair Skill Set?

Specialized appliance repair training is an easy way to excel in the industry. Learn to repair washing machines and other domestic appliances with hands-on experience and gain official certification to boost your skill set. By setting yourself apart from others in this competitive industry you be able to boost your earnings.

If you’re looking to enhance your appliance repair skill set, The White Goods Training Academy is the best place to start. Amongst the many courses in appliance repair and installation that we offer is the 221 – washing machine repair course. They focus on hands-on training from experienced appliance repair professionals. Enhance your credentials and book a course today.

6 Benefits of Microwave Repair Training

Have you ever pulled apart an appliance to see what’s going on inside? That inquisitive nature is what makes an effective appliance engineer.

We all use devices every day, yet all of them are complicated in their own way. As the demand for appliances grows, so too does the demand for people who can keep them running.

Appliance repair technicians / engineers need a diverse skill set to succeed in competitive environments. If that speaks to you, it may be time to think about upskilling.

Keep reading to learn how to advance your career with microwave repair training.

The Growing Need for Appliance Repair

Consumers value their appliances.

Electronic devices are a fundamental part of our lives. They save us time and energy by making tasks convenient. Yet, like any other kitchen appliance, microwaves break down eventually.

A consumer with a broken microwave can do one of two things: They can repair it – or they can buy a new one.

On balance, hiring appliance repair services is almost always the cheaper option for built in or integrated microwaves.

The growing demand for the Right to Repair is only increasing the need for experts who can fix broken appliances. This presents a great opportunity for engineers looking to enter the appliance repair industry.

Moreover, as people continue to invest in more advanced appliances, that demand can only increase.

Benefit #1: Improved Work Efficiency

Microwave repair training enhances your expertise and work efficiency.

For contractors, employees, and repair companies alike, this is a great benefit. Technicians who know the ins and outs of microwave repair diagnose and fix problems more quickly and accurately.

Contracts benefit from a higher per-hour rate. Employees are more capable and able to train other employees with their newfound skills. Employers benefit from reliable service technicians and a better reputation.

Benefit #2: Increased Employability

As with any career, one of the most significant benefits of professional training is better employability.

With the growing need for skilled repair services to repair broken appliances, the right skills help you stand out. Employers are always keen to hire individuals with specialized skills.

Microwave repair training can help you become one of those in-demand engineers. By acquiring the right training, you can expand your job opportunities and work in various sectors.

Manufacturing companies, home improvement stores, and independent repair services can all benefit. An employee who knows their way around a broken microwave is valuable to have around.

Benefit #3: Starting Your Own Repair Company

Knowing how to fix many types of microwaves offers you a lot of opportunities. You could start your own repair company if you wish. You might offer your services as an appliance repair freelancer.

With the necessary skills, you can provide services to local clients, friends, and family members and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. That means setting your own working hours and determining your rates.

This can result in a more fulfilling career. As a freelancer, you take control of your professional and financial future.

Benefit #4: Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers value speed and efficient service when hiring repair services.

And positive customer satisfaction is a positive feedback loop.

More satisfied customers result in more business. That leads to a better reputation, and hence, even more business.

Microwave repair training offers a detailed insight into the repair process. This not only leads to a better quality of service, but also the ability to communicate faults and best practices to customers. They, in turn, are less likely to damage their own appliances and walk away grateful for the insight.

Benefit #5: Safety in the Workplace

Workplace safety is a vital part of any stable work environment. It’s a complex legal, financial, and personal matter that affects employees and employers alike. Bad practices, bad cultures, and bad outcomes cost people their jobs and companies their bottom lines.

This is particularly true when working with broken appliances. Microwave repair training teaches technicians how to diagnose and fix problems safely. By learning the proper safety precautions, the risk of accidents and injuries is minimised.

Benefit #6: Environmental Sustainability

Finally, microwave repair training helps contribute to environmental sustainability. So-called “e-waste” is a huge problem for the environment. It’s toxic and difficult to dispose of.

Plus, e-waste contains many precious, rare materials.

Repairing – instead of discarding – broken microwaves helps reduce the amount of e-waste clogging up landfills. This both reduces negative environmental impacts and helps to conserve valuable resources.

Plus, extending the lifespan of broken appliances reduces the need for new ones. It’s only a small step – but a step towards a greener future nonetheless.

Finding Microwave Repair Training

Whether you’re a freelancer or a technician working for a repair company, further training offers all of the benefits above.

But how do you get started with professional training courses? You’ll need to do three things:

  • Find a reputable training provider
  • Enrol in a training course
  • Gain experience in the real world

Start by researching training providers that offer courses in microwave repair. Look for accredited institutions with a solid track record. Explore their curriculum.

Ensure the course covers all the essential topics you’ll need. These include diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair across all types of microwaves. You may want to browse courses for other appliances.

Once you complete your course, you need to put your skills to practice. Seek mentorship from employers and experienced professionals. Gain practical working knowledge by working on real-life appliances.

This hands-on experience will build your confidence and prepare you for a successful career as a repair technician.

Take a Professional Microwave Repair Training Course

Microwave repair training increases employability and improves expertise.

Technicians who complete a course go on to start their own businesses while working safely and efficiently.

The Whitegoods Training Academy offers appliance repair courses for industry professionals, contractors, and repair companies alike. Reserve your spot on our accredited one-day microwave repair course by clicking here.

Would you like to learn how to make domestic electrical repairs to appliances? Now couldn’t be a better time to learn how to fix appliances through an appliance repair course.

Research shows nearly every homeowner, 95% of them in 2022, reported having major appliances quit working. Forty percent of them said they had that problem within the past 12 months.

If you are trying to improve your ability to make white goods repairs, the right appliance repair course can help. Let’s explore why you should attend online appliance repair training.

Appliance Repair Training Speeds Up Learning

A top reason to undergo appliance repair training is that you’ll more quickly learn how to fix appliances.

All jobs have learning curves. When you begin a new role, every step you take is deliberate and slow. That’s because you may be dealing with several tasks at once and have to check your work.

This is particularly true for technical tasks and manual movements, as they require precision. The more familiar you are with each task, the faster you’ll get.

During training, you can take your time learning appliance repair. Then, you’ll be able to work quickly when you begin your first job as an appliance technician. The faster you work, the more money you can make.

Learn Tools in Appliance Repair Course

During appliance repair training, you will learn how to use various tools to complete different repair jobs.

For instance, you’ll learn how to use a flathead screwdriver to dismantle an oven. You’ll also learn that a flathead screwdriver won’t work well in a dishwasher’s lower casing.

In addition, you might learn which situations require tools featuring longer handles. You might learn about tools that come with lights and magnifying lenses as well.

The more you learn which tools are the best fit for certain jobs, the more time you’ll save when you’re on the job. You may also save money, as you won’t buy tools that won’t help you get the job done.

Understand Inner Workings of Appliances

Yet another reason to learn white goods repairs is that you’ll learn how an appliance’s parts interconnect.

Let’s say you take off a dishwasher’s bottom access cover. The inside won’t look organized. All you’ll see are hoses, motors, and electrical wires mashed together. Appliance repair classes can help with improving your appliance repair skills by showing you how to navigate these components to solve a mechanical problem, turning you into a real appliance engineer.

Practice Performing Domestic Electrical Repairs

An appliance repair course will also give you a chance to practice making domestic electrical repairs confidently. It’s okay if you mess up, as you won’t be working on a real customer’s appliance.

If you’d like to start improving your appliance repair skills for fixing dishwashers, you will practice disconnecting pumps. You’ll also learn how to uninstall machines.

If you’re working on small machines, your jobs will require quick work in narrow spaces. You’ll learn how to develop fast, smooth procedures to make your future job as an appliance engineer easier.

In addition, if you have questions about parts or their specs, your instructor can answer them. They can also help you loosen a stubborn nut. Take advantage of your class time to learn as much as you can from your expert teacher before you start working for customers.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Yet another reason to take appliance repair classes is that they will give you the appliance repair experience you need to land your first job as an appliance technician.

Once you complete a training program with a weekly class schedule, you can add this appliance repair experience to your resume. This will make it easier to land a lucrative job and enjoy a starting steady income.

If you already do appliance repairs, going through a training program can help you retrain to hone your skills and get them up to date. This will make you even more attractive to potential employers.

Following a training program, you have the option of working for somebody else or even starting your own company. Either way, the skills you gain from your training program will make you more competitive in the market.

Help More Effectively at Home

Not interested in taking on a weekly class schedule to work full-time as an appliance repair technician? Go to class to learn appliance repair for your benefit. You can become a handyman at home.

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of money on your appliances over the years. This includes buying them and paying for others to fix them when they break.

If you complete appliance repair training, you can start maintaining and repairing your appliances. This may help elongate each appliance’s life and save money on appliance repair services.

The money you spend on your training can easily be recouped in the money you save by not having to purchase or repair appliances as often long-term.

How We Can Help with White Goods Repairs

Online appliance repair training can help you more quickly learn how to make white goods repairs. You can also learn how to use various tools to complete domestic electrical repairs.

An appliance repair course can teach you how appliances’ inner parts work. You can additionally get answers to your questions before you attempt your first job. The right training program can also expand your industry job opportunities and even become a better handyman at home.

At The White Goods Training Academy, we provide high-quality training to appliance engineers. Contact us to learn more about our training, and join us today!