230 Field Service Repair & Servicing Training Course (3 Day) £595 +vat

From: £595.00 + VAT

230 Field Service Repair and Servicing Training Course

A CPD Accredited Course 

Are you looking for a career change and enjoy repairing things.

This course will help you gain the necessary skills to enable you to apply for jobs as a field service technician.

All manufactures require Field Service Technicians to maintain their product and the demand for new technicians has never been as high as it.

On successfully completing this course you could apply for jobs repairing and servicing vending machines, photo copiers and printing machines, point of sale equipment, lifting equipment, alarm systems in fact the list is endless.

Each manufacture will provide further equipment specific training to give you the product knowledge required.

Usually you will start as a trainee until you are fully competent and then progress, after further training and experience to technician status.

Who can apply for this course?

This course is designed for new entrants with little to no knowledge.

No previous experience is required, just an interest in repairing things and a desire to learn.

All students most have a good level of the English Language, both written and spoken

What is covered in this course?

      The course covers:
  • Multi-meters and testing resistance, capacitors, and diodes
  • Insulation Resistance testing on whole equipment and individual components
  • Earth Loop Impedance Testing of mains socket/outlet
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Safe procedures for testing and isolating mains outlet/fused spur (Lock and Tag)
  • Basic Plumbing including installation of plumbed equipment and commissioning.
  • Basic Electrics including making and testing connections, regulations relating to connecting equipment, crimping of multi stranded cables to avoid separation.

What do you get on completing the course?

  • A certificate of competency, CPD accredited in 230 Field Service Repair and Servicing will be issued on successfully completing this course.
  • We also receive enquiries from companies looking for newly trained Field Service Technicians and where we can we will make these introductions for you.


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