Tools for Appliance Repair Engineers

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We are often asked to recommend tools that we find useful or to expanded on the specification of the tools we use in our training courses.

This Blog will discuss some of the useful tools we have found that make our life easier with links to Amazon and other suppliers.

If you have found a tool that is useful or robust please let us know and we will add to this list.

As an Amazon affiliate we make a small percentage of each sale which helps cover the time we spend writing and researching these articles and we would like to thank you for your support.

1st up is the;

Costco Shifter Foldable Hand Cart.  £79.00

Cosco hand cart

This is a very handy cart for transporting appliances in and out of homes but also in the truck position is ideal for sliding a built in fridge onto and removing from a cabinet.

The transition from Cart to Truck is very smooth and feels very sturdy.

Best of all, it folds flat for convenient storage.


Appliance Slider  £33 +vat

Appliance Slide

As anyone who installs or repairs appliances knows, removing an appliance, especially on vinyl floorings  can be a painful and expensive experience.

The rubber feet of a washing machine sink into the vinyl floor which combined with the friction rubber on the feet creates, can cause damage to the flooring.






Wera 135926 Kraftform Kompakt W1 Maintenance Kit  £108.99

Wera are well know from making strong and practical tools and tis little kit is no different. Wera Tool kit

Its interchangeable electricians screwdrivers and socket set are the perfect addition to any tool kit.

This compact tool set with the 35 most important screw driving tools for maintenance work both indoors as well as outdoors.

Includes VDE Driver holder with 12 VDE Screw Driver bits;

1 JOKER double open-end wrench with holding function, limit stop, small return angle and extremely gripping teeth;

the incredibly fast ¼” Zyklop Speed ratchet and accessories; 8 manual and power tool sockets, sizes 5.5-13,

1 universal bit holder; 7 bits in a length of 25 mm;

1 screw gripper for firmly holding screws;

1 voltage tester 247;



The textile case is very robust and durable; it can be positioned upright in the workshop shelf for convenient storage and has low weight and volume for simplified mobility.

Master Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) RCD Lockout Kit.  £56.00Leaderman LDM-LOFL-K1 Lock out kit

The Lock Out and Tag Out kits are an essential part of any professional appliance engineer or installers tool kit.

The Leaderman LDM-LOFL-K1 Contains the most comprehensive range of Leaderman Locking off devices for use by contractors and maintenance teams working on domestic, industrial and commercial sites. The LDM-LOFL-K1 is supplied in a soft but durable protective case.

Every year people suffer electric shock and burn injuries, some of which are fatal. Implementing the correct safe isolation procedures will ensure the safety of the electrician and avoid these accidents.

What’s Included?

1x LDM-C26 Lock Out Kit Bag

1x LDM-LOK1 Green MCB Lock

1x LDM-LOK10 Push Pin MCB Lock

1x LDM-LOK11 Push Pin MCB Lock

1x LDM-LOK15 Push Pin MCB Lock

1x LDM-LOK2 Yellow MCB Lock

1x LDM-LOK25 Hasp | 25mm

1x LDM-LOK2W Two Way Lock Out

1x LDM-LOK3-P Blue MCB Lock with Pin

1x LDM-LOK4 Red MCB Lock

1x LDM-LOK7 Tie Block / Bar Circuit Breaker Lockout

2x LDM-MCB MCB Lock Off Device

1x LDM-PL1 Metal 3 Digit Combination Padlock | Small | Red

2x LDM-PL8 Insulated Padlock

8x LDM-TAG3 Lock-out Tag

1x LDM-WP1 Label Pen

1x Insulated Soft-Grip Screwdriver

Consumer Unit Safety Lockout kit.   £22.00

Lock Out & Tag kitThis kit can be used to lockout and tag any singular circuit or switch, ensuring safe isolation ·

This kit can be used to lockout and tag any singular circuit or switch, ensuring safe isolation in order that necessary maintenance work can be completed safely and quickly.

You will receive the following in your kit – 1 x lockout kit stamped zipped wallet 1 x red MCB lockouts pin out 1 x safety (Danger locked out) padlock with 2 keys Padlock 1 x MCB metal lockouts 2 x red danger tags 2 x maintenance record tags


CalCard calibration resistance check card   £21.95


Calibration Check Card

It is important that all your test meters are regularly checked for functionality and that they are still calibrated correctly.

The Calcard offers a convenient way of doing this before using your meter each day.

  • The CalCard is approved by the NICEIC, IEE, NAPIT, ECA, IET and ELECSA to name but a few.
  • Designed for checking the on-going accuracy on Insulation and Continuity Resistance ranges of test instrument
  • Credit card sized, it is the smallest and most cost-effective professional solution available.
  • Saves professionals time, money and inconvenience of yearly calibration.
  • For free downloadable record sheets please visit:


Socket & See IRC PRO Insulation and Continuity Tester.  £295.00

The Socket & See IRC PRO Insulation and Continuity Tester is an advanced digital continuity and insulation resistance tester capable of performing insulation tests at 1000V. It is also possible to perform insulation tests at 250V and 500V.

The Socket & See IRC PRO Insulation and Continuity Tester is auto-ranging up to 19.99 kΩ and is equipped with the following test sequences and functions.

Insulation: The required test voltage is selected using the rotary dial. Once the TEST button is pushed, the Socket & See IRC PRO Insulation and Continuity Tester will apply this voltage to the object-under-test; the test voltage is indicated on its large, backlit, LCD display.

Continuity: The rotary dial is switched to the continuity position and the test leads are applied to the test object; the user then engages the TEST button.  To ensure accurate measurements it includes a Continuity Null feature designed to account for test lead resistance (up to 5Ω).

Buzzer Function:  The user needs only set the rotary dial to the Buzzer function and apply the test leads to the object-under-investigation. The Buzzer function is useful for identifying cables (‘belling out’) quickly and easily.

In addition to the aforementioned test functions and sequences, the Socket & See IRC PRO Insulation and Continuity Tester is equipped with a number of practical and safe features. For instance, the Socket & See IRC PRO Insulation and Continuity Tester is protected against accidental connection to a mains supply and will issue a LED and audible alert when hazardous voltages are detected.

UNI-T UT531 Insulation Resistance/Multi Multimeter.  £118.80

UNI-T UT531 Insulation Resistance Multimeter is a portable, lightweight insulation resistance multimeter that is ideal for carrying out measurements of a wide selection of parameters.

The device is primarily made for the testing of insulation resistance, and it can do this with test voltages of 500V and 1000V with resistance range of 0.5MΩ to 99.9MΩ for 250V test voltage and 100MΩ to 500MΩ for 500V test voltage.

It can also be used to carry out standard AC/DC voltage measurements up to 1000V,

AC/DC current up 600mA,

Resistance to 40MΩ,

Capacitance to 100μF

and frequency to 1MHz.

Each measurement parameter features several different ranges which are automatically calculated by the meter due to the UT531 being an auto-ranging digital multimeter.

In order to make sure measurements are as accurate as possible the UT531 is also a true-RMS meter and includes the ability to calculate MAX/MIN measurements for easy testing comparisons. Testing results are relayed on the device’s LCD screen (which has a backlight for use in darkened conditions) and it also includes a selection of additional features such as the ability to carry ouy diode testing, an auto power off when left idle for an extended time period and low battery indication.

The UT531 is CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V safety rated as well as being EN: 61010-1 and EN: 61326-1 compliant.

UNIT UT531 Insulation Resistance Multimeter Key Features Easy to use digital multimeter Measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency. Comprehensive suite of insulation resistance measurements tools 6000 display count Auto-ranging digital multimeter True RMS Auto power down when left idle Continuity buzzer Low battery indication Data hold MAX/MIN measurements LCD backlit display

Full List of Products Included: UNI-T UT531 Insulation Resistance Multimeter, Batteries, Test Lead Alligator Clip, Carrying Bag


Uni-T UT139c Digital Multi Meter.  £43.98

1.Optional AC/DC 60A current clamps in different models to measure current up to 60A(1mv=1A)
2.NCV designed for the whole series, a necessity for electricians
3.AA1.5V*2(5#) battery, easy for users to purchase and replace
4.Soft rubber holster is easy to stand 2m drop
5.Optional magnetic hanging strap offered to facilitate tests in special location; 6.Fast to replace fuse, just by opening battery cover
7.Reliable with use of internal 2PCS fuses with high-breaking capacity
8.Protection against 600V input/1 minute from misconnection
9.Safety Rating: CAT III 600V.


Features:                                                              Specification:

Display Count: 6000                                       DC Voltage (V): 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0.5%+2).                                                                                          Manual Range: √.                                            AC Voltage (V): 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0.8%+3)
Bandwidth (Hz): 45Hz ~1kHz                     DC Current (A): 600μA/6000μA/60mA/600mA/6A/10A ± (0.7%+2)
V.F.C: √                                                              AC Current (A): 600μA/6000μA/60mA/600mA/6A/10A ±(1%+3)
Duty Cycle: 0.1% ~ 99.9%                              Resistance (Ω): 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ/60MΩ ±(0.8%+2)
Diode: Around 3V                                             Capacitance(F):9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999μF/99.99μF/999.9μF/
NCV: √                                                                                          9.999mF/99.99mF ±(4.0%+5)
Auto Power Off: Around 15 Minutes                Frequency (Hz): 10Hz-10MHz ±(0.1%+4)
Continuity Buzzer: √                                         Temperature (°C): -40 °C~1000°C ±(1.0%+3)
Low Battery Indication: ≤2.5V                          Temperature (°F): -40°F~1832°F ±(1.5%+5)
Data Hold: √
Relative Mode: √
LCD Backlight: √
Input Protection: 600Vrms
Input Impedance for DCV: 1GΩ Max

Package list:H11446
1 * UNI-T UT139C True RMS Digital Multi-meters
2 * Test Leads
1 * Temperature Probe

Voltage Tester Pen Type Digital Multimeter.   £16.99

  • 👉【High Accurately Pen Type Digital Multimeter】Voltage Tester accurately measures AC Voltage:2V~600V/DC Voltage:200mV~600V, Resistance Tester from 200Ω ~ 60MΩ,Diode test and Continuity Buzzer.
  • 👉【Multifunction Multimeter】Humanised design with 2000 Counts,Diode Test,Continuity,Data Hold,Auto Range Control,Auto Power Off & Low Battery Indication,Back Light and Lamp Light Function.
  • 👉【Over range Indication】 HP-38B Pen Type Multimeter support Double insulation (Class II protection),600V (CAT Ⅲ),
  • 👉【Auto Power Off】When measurement exceeds 15 minutes without switching mode and pressing key, the meter will switch to standby mode. Press any key to exit standby mode. And you can also press and hold “SELECT “key to choose the mode of resistance, diode or continuity test and AC/DC Voltage that you like.
  • 👉【100% After-Sales Guarantee】1* English Manual & 2*1.5V Battery are included, HOLDPEAK comes with 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support, if you have any questions with our product, please feel free to contact us, we will respond to you within 24 hours.

High Voltage Capacitor Discharge Pen    £15.32

LED indicator and tone sounder when charge detected.
Use a high-quality pen holder, and the part of the pen is wrapped with a rubber sleeve to prevent accidental contact and short circuit.
This pen is ideal for discharging all capacitor types including microwave capacitors.

Always prove an effective discharge by shorting the capacitor terminals with a pair of insulated long nose pliers before touching.

Package include:
1 * High Voltage Capacitor Discharge Pen with LED & Buzzer


Socket & See SP200 Professional Proving Unit.    £75.00

The Socket & See brand of testers from the UK’s leading tools and test equipment manufacturer, the Kew Technik Group of Companies, has launched the Socket & See SP200 Professional Proving Unit.

It should always be proved that any system is dead before commencing work. Two-pole voltage testers as recommended by the HSE and should be proved on a known live source or Proving Unit both before and after use.

Considered good practice by such organisations as the NICEIC Group and TheIWGE the SP200 provides a cost effective and convenient way of proving the safe operation of two-pole voltage testers (including test lamps) and multimeters. Features: Test two pole volt testers including multimeters and test lamps The first proving unit to generate AC waveform for a true test Compact design encourages routine safety checks Automatic test function to conserve batteries Step voltage LED’s indicate voltage being generated 50-100-230-400-690V Low battery indication gives ample warning to replace batteries


Martindale PAT Adapter


  • Enables easy Pat Testing with an Insulation / Continuity Tester or a Multifunction Tester. Covers all the mandatory tests demanded by the Code of Practice.
  • The new Code of Practice as for 250V insulation tests. This can be a replacement for leakage tests in most cases
  • Tests extension leads (in conjunction with the Ketch R2)
  • Works with all testers that use 4mm test leads including Mugger and Fluke


Martindale E-Ze Check Extra   £94.99

As a bare minimum this tester can be used for the earth loop test on sockets but we would recommend the DLMPRO below because provides you with the exact resistance reading of the Earth Loop

Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Indicator
An earth loop indicator with voltage and wiring checks. Conventional indicators have the weakness that only tell you if the earth is connected, they don’t tell you how safe it is. Martindale’s new T-Safe(TM) technology gives safe, earth loop impedance checking within carefully selected bands without tripping the RCDs.
Non-trip earth loop test
Voltage test
Socket test
T-Safe(TM) technology
Identifies faults other checkers can’t

‘Further Manufacturer’s Details (for this range)…An earth loop indicator with voltage and wiring checks. Conventional indicators have the weakness that only tell you if the earth is connected, they don’t tell you how safe it is. Martindale’s new T-Safe(TM) technology gives safe, earth loop impedance checking within carefully selected bands without tripping the RCDs.

Socket & See DLMPRO Combined DMM, Loop & Socket Tester   £299.95 +vat

A robust, user friendly, all in one electrical tester for gas and domestic appliance engineers. Combining Loop Tester and DMM functions.

Socket & See DLMPRO Loop Tester

The NEW Socket & See DLMPRO has been specifically designed with the gas and electrical appliance engineer in mind. It combines a socket test, loop test and selected basic multimeter functions to create another Socket & See First. The DLM PRO is the first tester to combine all the test procedures undertaken in a service and maintenance situation as followed by some of the UK’s leading appliance care companies. Development was undertaken alongside key customers and with a specification aimed reducing costs for the user. Combining the individual tests into a compact and handheld tester means less things to carry and less complicated products to understand. Its robust, ergonomic design and colour coding make it safe and simple to use.


  • Socket test
  • Incoming voltage check
  • Loop test
  • AC Volts
  • DC Volts
  • Continuity Test
  • Autonull

Design – Ergonomic and robust design, with single rotary switch and colour coding

Safety – Both visual and audible warnings alert the user and provide ultimate safety

Indication – When a fault condition occurs the display back screen will illuminate red

Features – AC 0-500V, 40-200Hz, DC 0-500V, Continuity 0-2MΩ, None Trip, Auto Off

Accessories – Free fabric case, 4mm test leads and SS130 socket adaptor as standard

Warranty – A full two years warranty is standard with all Socket & See products

Also Includes..

Socket & See SS130 Socket Adaptor

  • Test insulation or continuity at a socket outlet
  • Save time and avoid additional problems
  • Essential piece of equipment in every electrician’s tool kit
  • A very simple Time Saver

Martindale NC4 Dual Sensitivity Non-contact Voltage Tester.   £26.99


The NC4 voltage tester has two sensitivity ranges for accurately detecting the presence of AC voltages. The first will detect voltages between 50V and 1000V and the second will indicate voltages between 12V and 1000V. Sensitivity can be set according to the application and when in high sensitivity mode the LED pulse double flashes.

The extended probe tip gives improved access and easier identification of live wiring. It indicates voltage by illuminating the clear tip section with a bright red LED and sounding a buzzer.


The pen-shaped design with clip makes it ideal for carrying in a pocket or tool belt when working at height or in difficult to access locations. There is a useful LED torch which illuminates the area directly in front of the tip. Auto power off and a recessed on button ensure a long battery lifetime and the NC4 functionality also includes low battery indication.

The NC4 replaces the Martindale VT4.

Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Laser Temperature Gun.    £19.89

  • ►【HIGH ACCURACY】 Combining the latest temperature sensor technology and advanced Fresnel lens, this instrument reads values of high accuracy up to ±2% in only 0.5s ;The adjustable emissivity is 0.1-1.0, which can measure the surface temperature of different objects more accurately.
  • ►【PRECISE POSITIONING】Built-in red laser for precisely aiming, accurately find the measurement target. It has a large colour display for clear reading. The distance to spot ratio is 12:1, which means you can measure the target at a longer distance. For the best accuracy, the thermometer should be 14 in/ 36 cm away from the object.
  • ►【MORE APPLICABLE FUNCTIONS】This infrared thermometer can accurately test the temperature between -58 to 1112℉(-50℃-600℃); Toggle between Celsius/Fahrenheit measurements as needed; it has a LCD backlight so you can view the temperatures even in the dark; Auto power off function saves you battery power.
  • ►【 FREE MEAT THERMOMETER】Can measure the internal temperature range: -50 °C to +300 °C / -58°F to +572°F, fast reading, large-screen LCD display, 304 stainless steel probe, high precision (± 1 ° C / ° F), it can be used for home cooling or for cooking, measuring heating food or daily use. 15 minutes turns off automatically.
  •  We provide Lifelong after-sales service and return for a full refund within 30 days.


Preciva Crimper Plier Set.  £27.98

These crimp sets will help you treat stranded cables as per BS7671 reg 726.9.1


E0508, White, 500Pcs, 8mm, 0.5mm²

E7508, Grey, 400Pcs, 8mm, 0.75mm²

E1008, Red, 350Pcs, 8mm, 1.0mm²

E1508, Black, 300Pcs, 8mm, 1.5mm²

E2508, Blue, 250Pcs, 8mm, 2.5mm²

E4009, Grey, 60Pcs, 9mm, 4mm²

E6012, Yellow, 40Pcs, 12mm, 6.0mm²

Preciva Crimp Tool

Preciva Insulated Ratcheting Wire Terminals Crimping Tool Kit of AWG22   £31.22

Crimp tool kit

  • High Quality Material: This Wire crimping plier kit is made of high quality Alloy steel. It is a high strength hand tools for your home improvement.
  • Ratcheting Design:There is a ratcheting mechanism design for this Insulated terminals crimping tool, one-hand operation could make a perfect crimp. And you can take less strength.
  • Crimping Wire Size AWG22-10: The crimping size range from AWG22-10. There will be a widely application for this crimping tool.
  • Bonus 700pcs of Connectors: It comes with a box of 700pcs- 27 types of wire terminals connectors. RED for (0.5-1.5mm² /AWG 22-16), BLUE for (1.5-2.5mm² /AWG 16-14), YELLOW for (4-6mm² /AWG 12-10). Multiple Choices for the connectors, you can find what you want.
  • After sales services: Respond your email within 24hours. You deserves the best.


Hi-Spec 3-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripping Tool.  £14.98

Wire Stripping Tool

  • Hi-Spec Wire Stripper◆ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL WIRE TOOL: Easy to use self-adjusting wire and cable stripper is a handy piece of equipment that will serve a wide range of wire adjusting and maintenance needs including home electrical jobs, installing lighting to working with tiny circuit boards. An indispensable tool for electrical projects at in the home, garage, workshop, on the job and even for marine use




WEICON Cable Stipping Knife No.4-28H    £15.22

WEICON cable stripping knife is precise, fast and safe in stripping of all common round cables with a diameter between 4 – 28 mm.

Precision: the cutting depth of the blade can be progressively adjusted by an adjusting screw at the end of the handle. This prevents damaging the inner conductors. Additional function: the self-rotating cutting blade is integrated in the housing and thus enables automatic changeover from round to longitudinal cutting.

Additionally the no. 4-28 H has a hooked blade. Due to the replaceable inner blade, the cable stripping knife is very easy to maintain.

Ergonomics: this stripping tool has an ergonomically shaped, non-slip handle that makes the knife easy to use.

WEICON Cable Stipping Knife No.4-28H

Quality: 100% made in Germany – the cable stripper is completely manufactured in Germany and is made of robust and glass-fibre reinforced polyamide. The long-lasting blades are made of high-quality knife steel from Solingen.

Safety: high safety and reduced risk of injury. This high-quality stripping tool is approved, carries the GS seal of approval for tested safety and has been developed under aspects of occupational safety and user convenience.



C.K Magma MA2640 Pro Tool Case Plus.  £66.37

  • Dual side, wide opening storage, providing a vast array of tool and equipment storage options
  • Vertically oriented pockets and holders for easy access
  • Over 60 pockets and holders for flexibility and organisation
  • Waterproof and crackproof polymer base for protection from water and dirt
  • Dimensions: 450 x 290 x 340 mm (L x W x H)

CK Tool BagCK Tool Bag




Sealey AP606 ABS Tool Case.  £50.68

Sealey tool case

  • Lightweight yet hard-wearing tool case.
  • ABS shell will not dent or bend.
  • Interior includes removable tool storage pallet and internal dividers.
  • Locking catches provide added security.
  • Supplied with two keys.
  • 30 x 10 x 30 centimetres



KNIPEX 00 21 05 LE Tool Case.   £153.64

Knipex Tool Case

  • Two metal flip locks and a three-digit combination lock for secure locking of the cover
  • Label field with two stickers for individual labelling
  • Maximum payload: 15 kg
  • Volume: 27 litres
  • Strong, ergonomic handle
  • 46.3 x 21 x 37 centimetres



VonHaus Tool Kit.    £99.99

VonHaus 256pc Premium Hand Tool + Socket Set

A superior and comprehensive tool set, the VonHaus 256pc Premium Hand Tool + Socket Set is made from heat treated carbon steel for enhanced strength and durability.

The quality construction – and breadth of tools included – will allow you to take on a vast spectrum of tasks – from putting up a shelf to fixing a boiler.



The full set comprises:

  • 1 X 8” Adjustable Wrench
  • 1 X 7” Combination Plier
  • 1 X 6” Diagonal Cutter
  • 1 X 6” Longnose Plier
  • 1 X Water Pump Plier
  • 1 X 8 OZ Claw Hammer
  • 1 X ½ Ratchet Wrench with 72 Teeth
  • 1 X ¼ Ratchet Wrench with 72 Teeth
  • 1 X ½ Deep Socket – 19mm
  • 1 X ½ Extension Bar – 120mm
  • 1 X ½ Sliding Bar – 250mm
  • 1 X ¼ Extension Bar – 100mm
  • 1 X Spanner Handle
  • 1 X Flashlight
  • 1 X Coupler for Bits
  • 6 X Combination Wrench: 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17mm
  • 13 X ¼ Socket: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm
  • 16 X ½ Socket: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30mm
  • 2 X Nylon Clamp
  • 4 X Precision Screwdriver
  • 4 X 100mm Screwdriver: SL5, PH1, PH1, SL6
  • 8 X Hex Key: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6mm
  • 2 X Spark Plug Socket: 21mm, 16mm
  • 1 X ¼, ½ Universal Joint
  • 30 X 8mm Bit
  • 122 X Fastener
  • 31 X 25mm Bit Box
  • 1 X Black Blow-moulded Case
    Case Size: 53.5 X 41 X 12.5cm

Bosch GSB 120 – LI Professional 12V Cordless Drill / Driver     £99.99

Bosch Cordless GSB 120 Drill Driver

  • No self-discharge, no memory effect and a higher energy density thanks to Li-Ion battery technology
  • Optimised torque for screw driving and speed for drilling thanks to two speed planetary gearbox
  • Enhanced results with speed pre-selection for applications requiring material-specific speed
  • Use your drill driver more flexibly – drive screws and drill in wood, steel and masonry
  • Keyless chuck opens and closes easily – change drill bits in seconds




TOPWAY 12V Impact Cordless Drill Driver.   £33.99

Cordless Drill Driver

  • Two Mechanical Speeds & Variable Speed Switch, Reversible
  • Supplied With 2 Lithium Batteries And Carrying Case
  • Rubber coated soft grip handle
  • 18 Torques Settings. Built-in LED Spot Light
  • For replacement battery search Amazon for 102000 Battery







This 13 Piece Professional Insulated VDE Certified Screwdriver & Volt Tester Set is ideal for electricians and Appliance / White Goods Service Engineers.

With hardened Chrome Vanadium steel shafts for maximum durability, the screwdrivers also feature corrosion resistant magnetic tips with a phosphate finish.

The interchangeable blades can be quickly and effortlessly inserted into the handle via a locking system and the set is supplied with a handy carry case.

Product Features:

  • Chrome vanadium steel shafts for maximum durability
  • Corrosion resistant magnetic tips with a phosphate finish
  • Interchangeable blades can be quickly and effortlessly inserted into the handle
                • Set also includes 140mm Single Pole Voltage Tester
                • VDE certified – GS/TUV approved – The quality of the blades exceeds current standards with respect to hardness and torque strength, each tool is tested to guarantee safe working up to 1000volts.
                • Comes in handy storage case


  • Flat: 3.0mm | 4.0mm | 5.5mm | 6.5mm x 100mm
  • Phillips: PH1 x 80mm | PH2 x 100mm
  • Pozid: PZ1 x 80mm | PZ2 x 100mm
  • Star: T10 | T15 | T20 x 100mm


Hilka 34688011 11 PCE VDE Screwdriver & Plier Set, Red Yellow.   £38.00

  • Fully insulated and tested to 1000 Volt with soft grip handles. Incl fully insulated and tested to 1000 volts with soft grip handles
  • Contains: four slotted Screwdrivers: 3 X 75mm, 4 x 100mm, 5.5 x 125mm, 6.5 x 150mm. 3 Philips screwdrivers: no.0 x 75mm, No.1 x 100mm, No.2 x 100mm. Voltage test screwdriver with pocket clip: 100 – 250V testing range, 6″ Vde diagonal cutting pliers, 8″ Vde long nose pliers and 8″ Vde combination pliers
  • Packaged in a convenient carry case for easy storage
  • Model number: 34688011





Electrician Tool set

  • A handy set consisting of: 11 piece Electrician’s tool kit
  • Suitable for voltages up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC: test screwdriver up to 250V AC
  • Screwdriver blades and plier handle fully insulated to VDE and EN60900 standards
  • Comfort grip on all handles for ease of use



Sealey AK692 3/8-inch Square Drive Metric 6-Point Socket Set.   £67.00

  • One of a comprehensive range of Premier Hand Tools, suitable for daily professional use.
  • Deluxe professional socket set with heat treated Chrome Vanadium steel WallDrive sockets.
  • Dual satin/chrome finish.
  • Flip reverse gear-to-gear ratchet with quick socket release.
  • Supplied in metal storage case.
  • Standard Sockets; 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22mm, 3/8″,1/2″, 9/16″, 11/16″, 13/16″, Deep Sockets; 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 22mm, 3/8″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 11/16″, 13/16″, Spark Plug Sockets; 16, 18, 21mm, 3/8″Sq Drive Gear-to-Gear Flip Reverse Ratchet Wrench with Quick Release, Bent Flex Handle, T-Bar Adaptor 1/2″(F)-3/8″(M), Universal Joint, Extension Bars; 75, 150mm

Gunpla 46 Piece 1/4″ Drive Socket Set.   £17.98

  • Gunpla drive socket, driver bits and wrench spanner set are made of high quality chrome vanadium steel for enhanced durability, with all the tools having a mirror polished and chrome plated finished.
  • This socket driver set comprises 46 pieces metric SAE sockets also includes universal joints, 2 extension rods, 1 flexible rod, 3 hex key wrenches and various other tools for great for a variety of uses.
  • Size markings on each socket make it easy to distinguish and select the adequate one before use. Plated chrome provides more resistant to corrosion for long time use, and always maintains a sharp mirror appearance.
  • The detent ball design on the head of the extensions makes them easy to tighten and loosen the sockets. Perfect for handyman, repairmen, construction workers, mechanics, motor vehicles car bicycle repairing and many more.
  • The full socket, driver, bits full set comes in a sturdy storage blow case with designated slots to keep all the tools together, neat and tidy without any chance of losing one of them.


WORKPRO 172-piece 1/2″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ Drive Metric Socket Set.   £104.99

  • Comply with the valid DIN standards: WORKPRO Socket set consist of hardened high-quality chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability, allowing for greater contact with fasteners and greater torque to make tightening and loosening easy
  • Combination of reversible ratchet and matching inserts: 1/2″ ratchet, 3/8″ ratchet and 1/4″ ratchet are included. Reversible quick-release ratchets with 72 Teeth and matching inserts fit well some particularly precise tasks
  • Comprehensive socket set: A broad selection of METRIC sockets, numerous extensions and adapters are prepared for all inconveniences. Perfect suitable for mechanic and car, motorcycle, bicycle and so on
  • Inscriptions in the case: Always find the right tool, very practical and makes your work easier
  • Sturdy plastic case: Socket wrench set, ratchets and screwdriver bits are clearly arranged in the lockable transport case. Case size – 45 cm x 10 cm x 33.5 cm


CASOMAN 25 Piece Torx Bit Socket and Female External Socket Set.   £27.97

  • Made from Heavy-duty Chrome-Vanadium steel alloy (50BV30) and S2 with a corrosion-resistant black phosphate finish, providing the durability for a hard use.
  • Set includes: 13 Star Socket Bits 1/4″ Drive: T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30; 3/8″ Drive: T40, T45, T47, T50, T55; 1/2″ Drive: T60
  • Set includes: 12 Female E-Torx Sockets: 1/4″ Drive: E4, E5, E6, E7, E8; 3/8” Drive: E10, E12, E14, E16, E18, E20 1/2” Drive: E22
  • High-contrast laser etched with high-visibility markings and hard stamped with size labels.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI performance standards. It comes with 1 year quality warranty.




Refrigeration Tools and Equipment

Lokring Smart Charge 600.   £1613.00+vat

Smart Charge 600The Smart Charger 600 has been developed to satisfy market demands for a fully automated, controlled and cost effective method of removing all the complexities of R600a charging in the field.

Taking most of its inspiration from the much larger production line machine , The Smart Charger 600 can have parameters such as Vacuum time and leak test time stored. This feature will enable the appliance engineers to have complete control of the service procedure.

All the engineer has to do is connect this machine to the repaired unit and enter the charge weight from rating plate , that is it, the Machine then completes full cycle and incorporates a full pressure test leak test and prints on command a test record.

The Engineer is even prompted should there be insufficient gas remaining in the disposable cylinder.

A demonstration and training can be arrange by Vulcan Lokring.

Contact us for more details.


Digital R600a Pressure Manifold.   £79.99 

Refrigerant Manifold Gauges for R600a and R134a plus others

Product introduction​:
​1. Digital refrigerant pressure gauges are made of the latest microcomputer controllers, 24-bit AD converters and high- precision pressure sensors. It not only can accurately measure the pressure of gas and liquid, but also can measure the vacuum pressure.
2. The pressure gauge has no movable parts, so it has long service life, high measuring accuracy and good long-term stability.




Functional characteristics:
1. Can measure commonly used gas, liquid.
2. The vacuum can be measured.
3. Contains pressure and temperature gauges for common refrigerants.
4. LCD with backlight.
5. Long battery life, no power consumption after shutdown.
6. Refrigerants that can be measured are: R12, R22, R32, R123, R134A, R290, R404A, R407C, R410A, R502, R507, R600A .
7. Pressure units can be selected from Mpa, kPa, bar, psi, kgf/cm2, mmHg, inHg, Torr

Technical parameters:
1. Permissible overload pressure:Range 110%
2. Sensor failure pressure: Range 300%.
3. Measuring velocity:1 time / sec
4. Pressure interface:NPT1/8
5. Working humidity:10~900%RH
6. Working temperature:-10~50℃
7. Temperature to ensure accuracy:20 plus mn5 ℃
8. Battery:6F22 or 6LR61 stacked 9V Battery (Not included)
9. Protection grade:IP66
10. Range: -0.1 ~ 5.0MPA

RCO820 Start Relay.    £29.75

RCO820 Start Relay

Supco RCO-820 RCO Series

3-N-1 Relay Capacitor

Overload – 230V

Hard Start Kit For Refrigeration Systems Without Run Capacitors Covers 1/12 To 1/8 Horsepower

Rating Replaces Relay

Start Capacitor

Overload 230-1-60

BACOENG 3 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump.   £94.99

Refrigeration Vacuum Pump

  • Single Stage vacuum pump for refrigeration repair, gas-analysis, BHO, wine making, resin deaerating, vacuum packing.
  • Pumping speed: 3 CFM; Power: 1/4 HP
  • Ultimate vacuum: 0.8 Pa; Rotating speed: 1440 Rpm
  • High efficiency and Low Noise Decibels, heavy-duty aluminium Alloy Casing
  • Higher flow rate and ultimate vacuum compared with similar products.


Mastercool CAN TAP VALVE R600a & R134a 330GRM 






Amtech C0100 Mini Pipe Cutter



  • Mini tube cutter with hardened steel blade and two flare groove rollers
  • Cuts copper, brass, aluminium and plastic pipes
  • Cutting capacity: 1/8 to 7/8-inch (3 – 22mm)





ACCUWEIGHT Digital Scales


Accurate measurement:  Built with high precision sensors delivers quick, accurate responses

  • Easy to tare: The digital scale displays results in ounces, grams, pounds, weighs up to 11 pounds or 5kg, minimum weight ≥3 grams; Tare button subtracts container weight to zero out the scale so you only measure what you want
  • Energy saving: The food weighting scale features energy saving auto off function; Low battery and overload indication; powered by 1 CR2032 bulit in battery
  • Easy to store: The DIY scale is with slim stylish and elegant design, hygienic and easy to clean stainless steel platform with widescreen LCD screen



MASUNN Refrigerant Recovery Refrigeration Tube Locking Plier Tool.    £ 18.57

  • Puncture the tube and recover the old refrigerant instantly.
  • Easy to use, 1/4″ SAE interface.
  • Improve work efficiency.
  • Durable. Material: Steel
  • Length: 21.5cm/8.5″

Recovery Refrigeration Tube Locking Plier Tool


Cutter For 3mm Capillary Tube.   £5.98

  • Maximum cutting capacity 3mm diameter
  • Suitable for cutting capillary tube
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
  • Color: As Pictures shown
  • Capacity: ≤ 3mm





Lokring Starter kit.    £399.99+vat

Lokring starter kit


Contact us for details on this item.

Product Code Description Quantity List £
HMRK-L Lokring assembly tool without jaws – Part No HMRK-L 1 189.19
MB8 8mm assembly jaw – Part No MB8 2 46.26
MB10 10mm assembly jaw – Part No MB10 1 24.64
5NKMS00 5mm O/D tube connector – Part No 5NKMS00 5 13
6NKMS00 6mm O/D tube connector – Part No 6NKMS00 5 13
5/2NRMS00 5/2mm O/D tube connector – Part No 5/2NRMS00 5 17.1
5/1.8NRMS00 5/1.8mm O/D tube connector – Part No 5/1.8NRMS00 2 6.84
6/5NRMS00 6/5mm O/D tube connector – Part No 6/5NRMS00 2 5.42
8/6NRMS00 8/6mm O/D tube connector – Part No 8/6NRMS00 2 5.68
9.53/6NRMS00 9.53/6mm O/D tube connector – Part No 9.53/6NRMS00 2 6.38
6.5/5NRMS00 6.5/5mm O/D tube connector – Part No 6.5/5NRMS00 1 2.84
9.53/5NRMS00 9.53/5mm O/D tube connector – Part No 9.53/5NRMS00 1 3.19
DR10 10 gram universal drier – Part No DR10 5 18.25
6NFMSSV-100E 100mm Charging tube with Schrader  valve – 6NFMSSV-100E 5 14.95
SV Abrasive mat x 3 – Part No SV 1 7.54
SL Abrasive Paper – Part No SL 1 3.02
LOKPREP65G(15ML) 15ml bottle Lokprep 65G – Part No LOKPREP65G(15mL) 1 4.4
SEAL-TIGHT-ORGANISER Seal tight organiser – Part No SEAL-TIGHT-ORGANISER 1 18.29
Total 399.99


As we come across other useful tools we will update this post. 

The IWGE accepts and offers no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any tools purchased. Any purchase contracts entered into are between you and the seller.

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Steve Bunyan

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