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Dealing with Recalls

By 1st April 2017July 26th, 2021No Comments

All electrical products sold in the UK are subject to strict guidelines and testing set out by the British Standards Institute (BSi) this being said when products are put though their paces in domestic or commercial settings issues can surface.

It is then the manufactures responsibility to investigate and where necessary rectify the issue by way of a modification or recall.

As engineers we see these issues often before a safety notice or recall is issued and can therefore play a vital role in reporting potential issues as they arise. Manufactures are a good first point of call but unfortunately it can be hard to get concerns noted.

Electrical Safety First can be contacted and as an organisation the campaigners on electrical safety issues can endeavour to make your concerns heard.

Through their site Safety Notices and Recalls can be searched for and it is worth subscribing for updates as new safety notices or recalls are issued.

As a consumer it is very important that you register your appliance with the manufacture, this is because they will have no way of contacting you if issues arise in the future if you don’t register.

RECALL SEARCH can be done here, scroll down to the yellow boxes and enter the details.



Electrical Safety First offer a service were by you can register with them and they will notify you of any issues that arise with that appliance or electrical product.


Steve Bunyan

Engineer first, trainer 2nd