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The Importance of Customer Service

By 1st April 2017July 26th, 2021No Comments

Good Customer Service is at the heart of any successful business. We work hard and invest large sums of money to encourage customers to use our services over those of our competitors.

If our customer service isn’t up to scratch we will very quickly loose these customers to our competition who will be very happy to look after them.

It has often been said that “the customer is always right”! In reality we know that that isn’t the case, but a misinformed customer isn’t an excuse for poor customer service. It is essential that we and our team develop good communication with our customers, educate them and offer recommendations that will assist them in making an educated decision on a repair or replacement.


Put your self in their shoes, how would you like to be treated and the offer that service. We all like to be kept informed with the progress of a repair and our customers are no different.

Most Job Management Systems allow text or email updates, get your engineer to notify the customer that they are the next call, update via text when parts have been ordered and arrive.

All of these are good opportunities to leave positive images of our business in the customers mind. They will talk and recommend us to their Freinds and Family, in affect becoming our sales team, so look after them, a sales team we don’t pay is a fantastic opportunity.

Steve Bunyan

Engineer first, trainer 2nd