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Appliance Repair

By 4th May 2020December 22nd, 2021No Comments

Finding an Appliance Repair Engineer in your area for Washing Machines Repairs, Tumble Dryers Repairs, Cookers, Ovens, Ranges Repairs, Fridges Freezers Repairs, Dishwashers repairs and Microwaves Repairs can some times be difficult.

At The Institute for White Goods Engineers we train and mentor Appliance Repair Engineers and promote best practice.

By using one of our members you can be assured of great service at an affordable price.

Follow this link to find an engineer in your area: Find an EngineerĀ 

Washing Machine RepairSo if your Washing Machine isn’t Draining, Washing or Heating





Tumble Dryer RepairYour Tumble Dryer isn’t Drying your clothes






Oven RepairYour Oven isn’t heating or cooking your food





Dishwasher RepairYour Dishwasher isn’t Washing or Cleaning your pots




Fridge Freezer RepairsYour Fridge Freezer isn’t Cooling or Freezing



Please visit our find an Engineer : Find an EngineerĀ 

Steve Bunyan

Engineer first, trainer 2nd