Time for a Career Change?

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Career ChangeTime for a Career Change?

Most of us get to a point in our working life where it becomes necessary to look for a career change.

That could be due to being made redundant, a need to relocate to be closer to family, a contract coming to an end or leaving the armed forces.

It can be hard sometimes to decide which direction to take.

It makes sense that your new career should be something that you enjoy doing and will look forward to each working day.

It’s also important that you find a career that can offer a good work, life balance as the single most important thing to us is our family, they are the main reason we work, to provide for them.

Appliance Repair TrainingDomestic Appliance Repair is an area that has a high need for new Appliance Repair Technicians throughout the UK and Ireland.

Starting Salaries are around 18-25K depending on location and can increase to 30k + depending on location and your abilities.

There is also the option to try something for yourself and many of the engineers we have trained have gone on to do just that.

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Steve Bunyan

Steve Bunyan

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