Apprenticeships, is training the way forward?

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“Do you have any newly trained engineers that you could recommend?”

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Do you have any newly trained engineers that you could recommend”

In the white goods / domestic appliance repair, service and installation sector, we have found ourselves in a situation where companies have more work than they can handle due to a lack of available engineers / technicians.

This is due to a number of factors, for many years since the end of the old YTS schemes companies have found it financially difficult to invest in training of apprentices. We also have an ageing workforce that are starting to retire who need replacing with engineers and the population is expanding year on year which means more housing and more appliances that need both installing, servicing and repairing.

Companies are now looking to training companies like ours to deliver a foundation course to give apprentices and engineers who are cross training, a good grounding in white goods / domestic appliance repair, service and installation.

We have students that fund there own training to enable them to approach companies or allow us to recommend them with both training and experience.

Some of the companies that take advantages of our newly trained engineers offer to refund the training costs of students that have funded there own training once they have completed a probational period.

Other companies look for potential apprentices / engineers who have the right attitude and send them to us to get the basics and then continue their training with other engineers on the job.

Because their is more positions than engineers we only have two options, increase salaries to attract existing engineers or train new talent. With the latter you are getting some one that isn’t coming with baggage or bad habits. It may take longer to get them earning for the company but in the long run, a valuable addition to your team.

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Steve Bunyan

Steve Bunyan

Engineer first, trainer 2nd