Trade Stand at Whitegoods Trade Association

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Trade stand at Whitegoods trade association

Whitegoods Training AcademyYet again the Whitegoods Trade Association had a good turnout with many new faces including a visit from Alice Beer, ITVs  consumer journalist looking for an engineer’s view on the Hotpoint Tumble Dryer modification.

We at the Whitegoods Training Academy had a lot of interest in Appliance Repair Training. The overwhelming message that came from the conference was that repair organisations just can’t get the engineers as the industry is loosing its workforce due to retirement.

It has long been said that the country as a hole isn’t investing in apprentices mainly because of the costs involved and the fear that after they have invested £1000.00 in training that they will leave. This is a valid argument but at the same time if an apprentice has proved his worth you will continue to invest and incentivise him or her to stay loyal to your company.

We may need to consider our management style. Do your staff feel appreciated? Are you paying them there worth? Rather than increasing basic pay you could look at incentives for first time fix rates and achieving targets.

If all training companies took on at least one apprentice this would increase the available workforce for the future. So if you did loose a person you have trained to another company there should be others available that they have trained. But this will only happen if we all train apprentices.

The aim though is not to loose our staff, to make the workplace enjoyable, a place they look forward to going to. This may mean that you need to look within your organisation. Look at the office politics, look at who is negative and all ways talks people down and cause conflicts. You will need to address there issues first, train them and if they aren’t willing to change there attitude, replace them. Obviously you would need to follow the correct disciplinary procedures to do this.

Once a great place to work has been established you shouldn’t have any problems retaining staff.

We at the Whitegoods Training Academy have been thinking long and hard as to how we can assist you in training. One way for companies is allowing you to spread the cost of training over 3 payments. This should help you to offset your training cost and allow the student to start earning for you before you make all the payments. Give us a call so that we can discuss this further. 01652 409227

Steve Bunyan

Steve Bunyan

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