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Train as a White Goods Service Engineer

By 15th January 2016December 22nd, 20214 Comments

Train as a White Goods Service Engineer and start a new and rewarding career.

The domestic appliance repair sector is starting to see its work force decline as white goods service engineers retire. This is putting huge pressure on service managers as they struggle to meet their customers and clients needs.



Every household will at some point need a visit from a service engineer either with an in warranty repair or an out of warranty repair. It is estimated that there is over 25 million homes in the Uk and that figure is growing as every day passes. Most homes will have an average of 5 appliances including a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, oven, hob, extractor, fridge freezer, microwave and a vacuum cleaner. With an average of only 5 appliances thats a staggering 125 million appliances that will at some point need a white goods service engineer to visit.

Who can re-train?

Who can retrain to become a White Goods Service Engineer? The simple answer is anyone even if you don’t come from a service background. Now it is true that not all are suited to service and repair work but if you are able to use a spanner and can wire a plug then we can teach you the rest.

We have had a fork lift truck driver go on to work for Hoover Candy and an office worker get a job with Whirlpool Group. Others that have service experience but not necessarily in white goods have been able to re-train and get good jobs with Appliance repair companies.

Age isnt a barrier either, if anything the older you are the better as customers can relate and have confidence in someone older. That doesn’t mean if you are young you can’t do well either. You will get out what you put in.

The Rewards

What are the rewards as a White Goods Service Engineer? Your salary will depend on your experience. 32k is the highest I have seen but typically around £22-£25K for someone with experience and a starting wage of £17k for a trainee, of course location will also have a bearing on your salary.

As part of our service we will do our best to find you a placement and advise you as much as we can.

So the rest is upto you, book your course place now here.

Steve Bunyan

Engineer first, trainer 2nd