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Bush tumble dryer Safety notice

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Bush Tumble Dryer Safety Notice

BushFollowing consultation with Milton Keynes Trading Standards, the Bush brand of Tumble Dryer, sold exclusively by Argos have decided to issue additional safety information on the installation, use and maintenance of these affected models:-

Bush Tumble Dryer
Bush TDV6B Tumble Dryer
  • Bush TDV6B 6KG (1288010)
  • Bush TDV6S 6KG (7642966)
  • Bush TDV6B 6KG (1292051)
  • Bush V7SDB 7KG (5386073)
  • Bush TDV6B 6KG (1737901)
  • Bush V7SDB 7KG (5435010)
  • Bush TDV6W 6KG (4810722)
  • Bush V7SDW 7KG (5480948)
  • Bush TDV6W 6KG (7642382)
  • Bush V7SDS 7KG (5496011)
  • Bush TDV6W 6KG (7642399
  • Bush V7SDW 7KG (5586282)
  • Bush TDV6S 6KG (7642959)
  • Bush V6SDW 6KG (4281571)
  • Bush V6SDB 6KG (4287104)
  • Bush V6SDW 6KG (4278041)
  • Bush V6SDS 6KG (4278216)

The main points to remember are as follows: Any restriction in air flow will lead to a potential build up of lint, which in-turn can lead to the lint coming loose and igniting on the heating element.

To prevent this ensure that:

  1. The lint filter found inside the door area must be emptied EVERY TIME the Tumble Dryer is used.
  2. If it is a vented Tumble Dryer that a minimum distance from the wall and the back of the tumble dryer of 10cm (100mm) is left to prevent the vent hose from being crushed.
  3. Also and interestingly not mentioned in the safety notice, If the vent hose is connected to the wall that this vent to the out side is checked and cleaned out at least twice a year.
  4. Do not over load the Tumble Dryer and check fabrics are suitable for the temperature the dryer
  5. Its location, Any tumble dryer should only be installed in a damp free and clean environment. Every dryer sucks in air from its surrounding environment. If there is leaf, pet hair or dust, this will be sucked in and over the heating element, which has the potential to ignite.

Argos can be contacted on 0345 257 7271.

The advice from Argos is relevant for any make and model of Tumble Dryer and by following these simple steps the majority of dryer related fires could be eliminated.

Steve Bunyan

Steve Bunyan

Engineer first, trainer 2nd