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As an independent engineer, receiving work for Work Providers and other sources can be important, as putting all your eggs in one basket can end in disaster.

Traditionally independent engineers will source work form a number of sources including their own Private Customers sourced from Advertising, Estate Agents, Insurance Companies, Manufactures and Work Providers.

All of these sources of work are going to provide you with a great variety of work which will be important in keeping your cash flowing.

There are a number of well established work providers out there that have a proven track recored in what they do, but be aware of some dubious work providers. Always do you due diligence. Look out for those that have employed engineers, as they will often build up an area on the back of a self employed agent until it will support an employed engineer and over night you have lost a good chunk of your revenue.

Work providers can be helpful if you are starting out as they have done a lot of the marketing for you, but don’t make them the main source of your revenue and all ways aim to faze them out as you get busy, unless you plan to expand and take on engineers.

From time to time new work providers will pop up. They obtain customers thorough marketing on the internet and may not have any real world appliance repair experience. Be very carful accepting work from these as they are notorious for not paying and going bust. They are basically taking the work you could have advertised for and selling the job back to you.

We would encourage our members to exercise caution when agreeing to cover their work.

Our advise, when working with new work providers and insurance companies, would be to request payment up front until you are satisfied with the stability of the organisation.

There are however a number of established work providers, some of which you pay them a fee rather than relying on them paying you. These are just a few that we and our members have personal worked with and can recommend, Repair Care, Repair Tech, and Glotech.

If you receive a request to do work for either a work provider or an insurance company that you haven’t heard of before, do your research. Ask questions and search on the forums for other engineers recommendations.

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Steve Bunyan

Steve Bunyan

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